Q. What’s the deal with Dunia, anyway?

A. Simple, really. Dunia is a store whose mission is to serve people who want to furnish their homes without compromising their principles. We do this by offering housewares, home décor, gifts, bath and body products, and other niceties, all from sources that are environmentally friendly, cruelty-free, fair-traded, or some combination thereof. We also carry gift and décor items made from recycled materials, and feature the work of artists from the Town of Maynard, where our store is located, and the surrounding community whenever we can.

Q. How is Dunia’s merchandise selected?

A. Dunia specializes in products that offer an elusive combination of quality, sustainability and compassion—good for you, good for planet, good for spirit. Each of the products we sell offers one or more of the following attributes:
• No sweatshop or prison labor involved in its manufacture;
• No animal products or animal testing involved in any stage of processing
• All components fair-traded, and manufactured by people working under humane conditions, and in exchange for a living wage; and,
• Any and all cultivation, harvesting, and manufacturing processes are sustainable practices.

Again, we also try to feature many fine recycled and locally produced products. As a general philosophy, all of our products are designed for maximum durability and longevity, rather than merely for low cost, convenience or disposability.

Q. Sweatshop? Animal testing? These aren’t my problems! (Or are they?)

A. They may or may not be. That’s entirely up to you. But part of our mission is to try to take these issues off the table for you, so that you can focus on the less burdensome factors of beauty and practicality.
Fair enough?

Q. Can I order your products online?

A. Well, yes and no. At this point, unfortunately, we don’t offer online shopping, as our focus has been on creating a brick-and-mortar environment, a community focal point, a haven for reflection and conscious buying. We may eventually develop an e-commerce capability, depending upon how things go and upon the feedback we receive from our customers. For now, however, we’ve decided to minimize the bells and whistles on our Web site.

That doesn’t mean you can’t send us an e-mail with an inquiry, or even an order. For your own protection, though, please don’t send us credit card or any other sensitive information via e-mail. Be sure you send us your name, mail address, telephone and e-mail information, and we can conduct a multimedia transaction of sorts, and give you a real-time, personal assurance that your order will be handled with the utmost efficiency, security and respect.

Q. Does Dunia sell wholesale?

A. At this point in time, we are strictly a retail business. However, we’re open to bulk discounting for corporate, institutional and other high-volume purchases. Please inquire within, or contact us via the information provided at the end of this FAQ.

Q. How can I contact you for inquiries, feedback, etc.?

A. Easy. There are several ways, actually.
We invite you to visit us at our store, located at 43 Nason Street, in downtown Maynard, Massachusetts. That’s us next to the Citizen’s Bank, and across from China Ruby restaurant, in what for many years was a doctor’s office.

Of course, you can always contact us via e-mail, at
inquiries@dunia-ecostore.com. We’ll reply as soon as we can, but we ask that you please be patient, as this kind of correspondence is “spiky,” and our inbox ebbs and flows in sometimes unpredictable ways.

Finally, there’s the old-fashioned telephone. Give us a call at 978-897-8850. As with e-mail, please be tolerant of traffic spikiness…