Derek Bloom Architects
What can we say? Derek was the oft-storied friend-of-a-friend who came out of the blue and showed us that transforming a former doctor’s office into an inviting retail store could be both earth-friendly and joyful.
The Giving Web
Miriam is the kind of person we seek out in all our dealings: honest, compassionate and fair. Zohar, the designer who built our site, is the genius we never thought we’d have the honor to work with.
Levers Advertising & Design
Deeds first hired Robert to help him design icons, pixel by pixel, for an obscure software package. We’re constantly amazed (and gratified) by how Robert adeptly balances his left-brained creativity with his right brained problem-solving skills.
S&A Carpentry Steve was a goddess-send! Ask anybody to refer you to a general contractor who is honest, flexible, dedicated, and completely down-to-earth, and chances are they’ll just laugh and walk the other way. Well, we found one in Steve, so don’t be discouraged.
Stowbrook Business Services
Jack is the consummate small-business financial counselor, not to mention a whirling dervish of a networker. The goddesses only know how much time and money we saved working with his contacts.

Acme Theater Productions
Maynard’s own community theater, located in ArtSpace Maynard, a veritable beehive of creativity and originality.
Art & Soul
Another reason to fall in love with Maynard is its vibrant and essential community of artists, and Mary’s store is a great place to sample a broad range of their work.
Bruce Lucier Photography
A rising star in Maynard's fine arts scene, and another denizen of ArtSpace Maynard, Bruce will provide excellent service, quality product, and a laugh or two if you're up for it.
CD Willy’s
Will and Ellen have a knack for hunting down and serving up a world of musical treasures, old or new, in any genre. Aficionados of analog vinyl physical transduction media (a.k.a. LPs) have been known to spend hours in the back bins alone.
Gramp’s Garage
Don’t wait until you need service on a battery-powered kid vehicle to visit Garry and Alice, two of the nicest human beings you’d ever want to meet.

Harvard Local

A small group of dedicated residents in the Town of Harvard who have embarked on the bold process of reconceptualizing life in an era without cheap fossil fuel.
Journey Productions
Paige spent a year of her life in a Volkswagen bus with three friends, a golden retriever and a 16mm video camera, the result of which became the award-winning feature-length documentary, The Journey.
The Maynard Business Index
More than a mere Web directory, the Index shows at a glimpse the diversity and vitality that is Maynard Downtown's business community.
The Movie House Tootsie and Leo offer a refreshing alternative to the Blockbusters and Hollywoods of the world, with their broad selection and their spirited customer service.
Deb and Will are the dynamic duo, a husband-and-wife team dedicated to recycled fashion, and real-life inspirations to us.

A magazine and Web site that subvert the commercial techniques they believe erode our physical and cultural environments. Tough love, indeed.
Cultural Survival
Promoting the rights, voices and visions of indigenous peoples worldwide since 1972.
Farm Sanctuary
Probably the largest and best-known farm animal rescue and protection organization in the country, whose 175-acre shelter in upstate New York made for a perfect family vacation for us this past Summer.
Green Pages Online
A must-bookmark site for the consumer activist. Green Pages Online provides a huge directory of socially responsible businesses, that thankfully you can search by key word, category or geography.
Grist Magazine
An online magazine that tackles environmental topics with irreverence, intelligence and a fresh perspective. If you opt to register for their regular emails, prepare to get enraged!
Organic Consumers Association
Promoting food safety, organic farming and sustainable agriculture practices in the U.S. and internationally, by providing factual information on such topics as genetic engineering, irradiation, toxic sludge fertilizer, mad cow disease, and rBGH, among others.
Save Our Environment
A collaboration among the nation’s most influential environmental advocacy organizations, this site brings the timeliest issues to the fore and lets you take immediate action.
A Christian ministry whose mission is to proclaim and practice the biblical call to integrate spiritual renewal and social justice. (Random thought: Would Buddhists even need a site like this?)
The magazine for vegan family living, this site can be an oasis of useful information and guidance in a world that still regards veganism with ridicule and suspicion.
Vegan Action
“For the animals, for the environment, for our health….” The site says it best. Another excellent resource for vegans, vegetarians, and those interested in exploring the issues thereof.